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Stallions in our breeding program.
The following is a list of stallions that fit out breeding program. Breeding fees (in US dollars), location and contact information is included.

RA Rainclassic
(AHR# 547172)

Parada-Classic x Ra Gairaindelite
(AHR# 367840) x (AHR# 249128)

Percentages and research © by Eva Dano
Glossary and FAQs:

Percentages for RA RAINCLASSIC:
Crabbet/Blunt = 78.5889%
GSB (incl. Crabbet) = 77.3071%
Davenports = 6.05469%
Polish = 36.2793%
Egyptian = 39.2083%
WK Kellogg = 38.8672%
CMK = 96.875%
Abbas Pasha Source = 28.035%
Doyle = .78125%
WR Brown/Maynesboro Stud = 9.47266%
Old Babolna = 4.6608%
Old German (Weil) = 5.39551%
North American Desert Source = 11.3647%
Early American Foundation (vol V) = 87.5%
American (thru vol VIII) = 90.625%
American Foundation (thru vol X) = 96.875%
American (thru vol XV) = 100%
El Emir = .001525%
Mesaoud = 16.0156%
Ghazala = 1.02539%
Image = 2.73438%
Raffles = 20.1172%
Skowronek = 25.7324%

Ibrahim/Skowronek sire line; *Nejdme dam line. A Kuhaylan 'Ajuz. CMK and American Foundation-bred.

Standing at
Ruuh Al Bahr Arabians

Stud Fee: 1000/750 Booking Fee: 200 (NR)
SCID Clear / Multiple Mare Discount Available
Live Foal Guarantee

Owned by Lisa Pagano
Sacramento, California
(916) 271-1713

RA Rainclassic has two crosses to the immortal Gai Parada (pictured left), the only stallion to ever win his performance titles before his halter titles at the National level.

His pedigree also traces back through Classy McCoy, Comar Rafeymazon, and the legendary Khemosabi.

Rainclassic, affectionately known as RC, has been part of our family for just over 2 years. He is a very affectionate horse, with a willing disposition, and a desire to please.

RC is Crabbet certified 78.59%. He has good clean legs with a smooth body, athletic laid-back shoulder, a long elegant neck, and correct conformation.

RC has a classic, very beautiful dished head with small shapely ears, very wide forehead and large, dark eyes. He has a small muzzle, and is an overall
example of Arabian type and beauty.

A gorgeous athlete with breathtaking motion, Rainclassic is beginning his performance career with Denny Hansen early this spring.

RC has been shown briefly in halter at two shows, taking seconds and thirds in the show ring his first time not only off of the ranch, but also his first time in the ring-and with no training to speak of! RC can be described as beauty in motion, representing the classic elegance of the Gainey/Crabbet cross.

Rainclassic is passing on not only his wonderful personality, but also his type and athletic ability to his offspring. His foals exhibit all of his good qualities; they have his excellent legs, high tail carriage, and size as well as his very workable temperament.

His current stud fee for 2003 is 500 dollars, including a 100 dollar booking fee. Stud fee includes live foal guarantee. Please contact us for more information on breeding to this amazing young stallion.

(AHR# 367840)

Gai Parada x Classy-Starlet
(AHR# 54484) x (AHR# 223244)

Since being purchased by Lisa Pagano, Parada-Classic (pictured left in 2002) is in full time professional dressage training with Douglas Puterbaugh, an esteemed "S" Judge, FEI instructor and trainer of several horses through Grand Prix level. He has had several horses he has trained go to the Pan American Games too. PC is doing well with this work, looks great and will be shown later in the season. Look here for additional updates.

Ruuh Al Bahr Arabians, breeds Gainey/McCoy plus polish and egyptian also. Their breeding focus is primarily on producing ideal athletes that excell in sporthorse, dressage and endurance.

Show Results!!!

Diablo Arabian Horse Association
2003 Class A Show
Wilton, California

First Open Halter 16+ Stallions
First Classic Head
First Most Classic Arabian
Second AOTH 5+ Stallions
Reserve Sr. Champion Stallion!

Standing at
Ruuh Al Bahr Arabians

Stud Fee(includes LFG): 1250/900 LFG
Initial Nor-Cal/Cal-Bred nominations included for nominated mares.

Booking Fee: 250 (NR)

SCID Clear / Multiple Mare Discount Available.
Shipped/Cooled Semen Available

Owned by Lisa Pagano
Sacramento, Ca

Percentages for PARADA-CLASSIC:

75.8911% Crabbet/Blunt
75.6836% GSB (incl. Crabbet)
6.83594% Davenports
34.8633% Polish
40.8983% Egyptian
46.875% WK Kellogg
93.75% CMK
28.9444% Abbas Pasha Source
1.5625% Doyle
11.9141% WR Brown/Maynesboro Stud
30.3741% Abbas Pasha/Ali Pasha Sherif Source
64.4562% BAHC Source (Blue List or BLUE STAR)
50.9369% BLUE STAR Source
1.5625% Babson Egyptian
5.27496% Old Babolna (pre-WW II)
4.44336% Old German (Weil)
11.8164% North American Desert Source
90.625% Early American Foundation (vol V)
96.875% American (thru vol VIII)
96.875% American Foundation (thru vol X)
100% American (thru vol XV)
.003051% El Emir
16.4063% Mesaoud
1.46484% Ghazala
1.5625% Image
17.1875% Raffles
23.9258% Skowronek

Ibrahim/Skowronek sire line ~
*Subaiha/Hamdaniya dam line ~
A Hamdani
American Foundation-bred

Percentages and research © by Eva Dano
Glossary and FAQs: